Half-Closed Book

I am alone
in my little corner.
“Approach with caution”
would be wise advice.
Very few has the clearance to enter.

In my world,
no one truly understands
who I am or what I’m all about.
They assume this and that
so I let them marry their assumptions
unless they ask questions
that I answer with great consideration.

I’m a half-closed book
to the people around to me.
I am as much of a stranger
to them as they are to me.
We have an understanding
to a certain extent.


One thought on “Half-Closed Book

  1. Some don’t know the difference between the covers and chapters some know the covers but don’t know that they open, some know they open but don’t know how to read, but very few know how to recognize uncover read and sometimes even understand. Perhaps those of us who do could pick the ones we like the best, The ones who seem like they must be trustworthy, and teach them to read; eyes, faces, perhaps even hearts. I have found four that understood in a lifetime, being much older than you. all Everturn more by learning and they will ever know. Let us become part of the plot to overrule greed and repopulate earth with human hearts.


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