Half-Closed Book

I am alone
in my little corner.
“Approach with caution”
would be wise advice.
Very few has the clearance to enter.

In my world,
no one truly understands
who I am or what I’m all about.
They assume this and that
so I let them marry their assumptions
unless they ask questions
that I answer with great consideration.

I’m a half-closed book
to the people around to me.
I am as much of a stranger
to them as they are to me.
We have an understanding
to a certain extent.

What Lies Beneath

I take a glimpse at you
and I wonder, I wonder
what truly lies underneath
all that stage play,
that thick, thick layer of pretending
you use to coverup the blemishes of your life
that is anything but the perfection you portray
to anyone whose ears will take a listen.