Music Madness

Just about every song
written, produced and sung
by the mainstream media
was designed to have people hooked.
From the beats to the deliberate words
that was chosen to write each verse.
It’s garbage!

Mainstream music is trash
and I refuse, I refuse
to let that crap seep into my head
cause once it’s there,
it’s hard to filter out.
That’s the whole point anyway.

The Streets

The streets followed him
wherever he went.
He’s been dodging bullets
since he was ten.

Shooting loaded guns
was never apart of his plan but
as much as he wanted to go to college,
there was no way his parents could afford it.

The fastest way out
of the hood was selling drugs.
He either had to take the bait
or find another way out.

He had his hopes and dreams,
he needed to get out safe and clean
before he ended up in a body bag
buried six feet deep.