I Will Not Vote

I will never cast another vote
in any election of any kind.
I know my votes don’t count.
In fact, it’s so far from the truth
how presidents are chosen…
the lies are centuries ahead.

9 thoughts on “I Will Not Vote

  1. it’s the same as here in Britain,
    every politician is as bad as the next. they pander to the big businesses but not the ordinary people because big business has the money and we haven’t.
    when we vote we are saying that we believe the lies of this person instead of that person.


  2. This makes me sad, I work in elections…..I hate when I hear this. Consider smaller-local elections if you’re looking for a voice to be heard and to stand out.
    If President is the only seat you care about – you will never be satisfied. They have very little to do with your day to day life.


  3. She is absolutely correct The people do not elect the President the electoral college does and they do not have to follow the people it has happen several times


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