Tax Season

Well, the happiest season in America is back…

tax season

If you don’t have any kids to claim this year,
it is not too late to put one in the oven,
you’ll be glad you did come next year.

Uncomfortable Skin

Most people would rather be
someone else than be themselves.
Wanting what others have
so they lie, cheat, steal and kill
just to get a taste or feel.

They don’t like being themselves
for fear of ridicule, embarrassment or not being accepted.

They don’t love who they are
despite the image they put on display;
they are so unhappy, it’s unbearable.

They don’t appreciate their uniqueness,
blending in rather than standing out.

They don’t value their life,
finding solace in drugs and alcohol, or other toxic means
to fill an empty or half-filled void.

Or, they simple just don’t understand their purpose
so they create obstacles to find one (or more).

Hell Is A Prison

Hell is a prison
with bars, walls, and floors on fire.
There’s no water there,
not even a drop.
There’s no relief from the scorching flames.
Torment is a daily routine.
Multiple life terms will be served on a platter.

TV “program”

My favorite TV “program” is on.
I’m about to be in a trance.
My eyes will turn to glass in a moment.
Everything I’m supposed to know
by the time the “show” is over
will be programmed
into my unaware brain.