Not My Battle

There are those
who look at me and assume
the worst case scenario
concerning my social growth
and other professional duties.
Not because I’m a bad person,
they just don’t understand
my quiet demeanor.

They try to test me and break me down
…that’s fine, I’m okay with that
although it’s so annoying
but it’s their battle not mine.
I don’t have anything
to prove to anyone.

Cut Him Some Slacks

Give him a break,
cut him some slacks.
Stop messing with his tail
and breathing down his back,
he’s at his breaking point.

Stop complaining left to right
about how awful you think he is.
He’s really not a bad person,
In fact, I think he’s great.
If only you’ll give him a chance
then you’ll see his true self.

Give him a break,
cut him some slacks.
Stop saying he was your biggest mistake,
if only you’ll recognize all the hurt
you’ve drenched him in

before you know it,
he’ll transition out of your life for good
and your chance for reconciliation
will be cut in half of what it already is.