Freedom. For A Price.

Life is a precious gift.
No amount of money
will ever be equal to it.

The world takes more than it gives.
Such a selfish society bent on getting rich.
The higher up the hierarchy, the worst it gets.
Power is the root of all this evil wrongdoing;
money is just the pocket change.

Life was not meant to be bought or sold.
Mankind was never meant to be enslaved by anyone.
Our Freedom has been breached;
it has been stolen to satisfy the power thirsty lost souls
we entrusted to protect our dreams a long time ago.

Our lives are on the line.
Freedom as we know it
will soon be a restricted treat.


One thought on “Freedom. For A Price.

  1. rejoice,Heaven has been woken, i have seen the man in the sky, the titans are being reeled in, watch the news, and pray for all that is good, the interest of love first, great little poem, blessings


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