Freedom. For A Price.

Life is a precious gift.
No amount of money
will ever be equal to it.

The world takes more than it gives.
Such a selfish society bent on getting rich.
The higher up the hierarchy, the worst it gets.
Power is the root of all this evil wrongdoing;
money is just the pocket change.

Life was not meant to be bought or sold.
Mankind was never meant to be enslaved by anyone.
Our Freedom has been breached;
it has been stolen to satisfy the power thirsty lost souls
we entrusted to protect our dreams a long time ago.

Our lives are on the line.
Freedom as we know it
will soon be a restricted treat.

Her Words

Her words are delightful,
they are a treat.

Her words speak knowledge acquired,
they speak of a true journey.

Her words know no boundaries,
she speaks from a heart made of gold.

Her words have reached plenty,
they are appreciated by many.

I love my grandmother
more than she’ll ever know.