Behind The Scenes

At one point in time,
my whole life fell apart.
My faith was tested.
My hope took a leave of absence.
My peace of mind suffered.
My happiness hit an all-time low.

I questioned everything.
I took my frustration out
on everyone around me.
I didn’t pray anymore.
I cried more than I probably should.

Everything I stood for
crumbled beneath me.
I was just free-falling
for what seemed like
an eternity.


Not too far away
resides a young man,
misplaced and misled.
Dragged into a world where his only
identity is a 5 digit number.

He’s on the run.
Fighting for something he doesn’t comprehend.
His life line has been breached.
Everything he has ever encountered
has been programmed into his brain.
Like an instrument,
he has been fine tuned
to obey every order given.

How he acts and reacts
has been predicted way before he came about.
Although, he has always thought
of himself as a unique individual,
he’s just now finding out,
he was a lab experiment;
a clone and there’s
a million more just like him.