Live For Today

Nothing in life is promised.
Live for today
is a message
most people don’t understand.
Life is just too short
to carryover pain
into the next day.

Everyday is a new day,
it comes and goes
just as quickly as it comes
so don’t take anything for granted.
for all things great or small
goes a long way.

One minute you are here and
the next minute your life
could be snuffed away
in the blink of an eye.

What Matters Most

outside appearances
fills incomplete books,
meanwhile what’s inside
tells a complete story.

The one with the weakest exterior
is often the strongest person you’ll ever meet.

The one with the toughest exterior
is often the weakest link.

Interiors are often ignored because
they cannot be seen
though they are revealed
through actions, feelings, expressions,
emotions and thoughts
meanwhile exteriors get looked at
as the moral of a person’s life story.