Not A People Worshipper

I’ve never been one
to follow the crowd.
I’ve never been
a people worshiper.

My only idol is God.
You won’t catch me
screaming or fainting
over any “American idol”
because I don’t serve man.

All my honor and glory
goes to the man upstairs.
To Him I will always give thanks.

Strangers Are Strange

Strangers used to judge my character
without knowing the basis of who I was.

They talked and frowned upon me behind my back
while smiling and pretending in my beautiful face.

They were contributors in spreading tall tales
about the things they were told, mostly bad things
that was clearly over exaggerated.

They thought they knew me without ever getting
to know me which was quite sad.

They believed every single drop of lies
that had been smudged into their silly faces.

I Speak My Truth

I speak my truth.
Honesty is on my side.
Although, sometimes, I
avoid facing the light.
I will cut corners and dodge bullets,
do anything it takes to divert pain
because I am human with faults of my own
but no matter what I do or where I go,
my truth will always be revealed.