She is the reserved type.
The type of person who does not
like to say much to get her point across.
While everyone is trying to be heard
at the same time
she’s quietly observing her surroundings.
She speaks when she wants to.
No special permission needed to unclog her mind.

Doses Of Reality

Once upon a time,
the American dream had meaning.
Nowadays, those dreams have been robbed
by a shameless, unsatisfied, money hungry,
bad mind, power-driven, corrupt, evil,
disgraceful government that doesn’t care
anything about the people.

Unemployment rates are high.
People are living pay check to pay check
trying to make ends meet.
Sacrifices have to be made just to survive.

Mortgages can’t be paid.
Houses are being lost at an alarming rate.
Homelessness is closer to reality.

The price of food has been on the rise.
People are starving.
Cupboards are empty.

Healthcare cost is not affordable.
People are dying.
Medical care is less accessible.

Everything is a mess.
All thanks to the government.

The Signs

I see the signs,
they are everywhere.
Can’t keep pretending
they are not there.
Secret messages are being revealed.
The world is not ready or prepared.
Just remember there will be chaos and confusion.
The final act will be a full-blown persecution.

Read the signs.
The clues are there.