I’m familiar with the way
the world works and
I don’t like it one bit.
Nothing is as it seems.
Behind the scenes lies the real story,
hidden to protect the real crooks.

Almost everything good
has been tampered with and replaced
with premature death,
prison walls in abundance,
poisoned food and water supplies,
disguised concentration camps
and the list goes on.

There are too many conspiracies going on.
Too many clowns in high places.
Too many contaminated leaders
blinded by money and greed.

People are being misled by the billions,
being pulled into darkness
no light has seen in ages.


2 thoughts on “Poison

  1. Dark and angry, but controlled. The casualness of the tone seemed to cut the atrocity in dry, precise knife strokes, into tidy shapes. The lack of resolution at the end left me hungry.

    This felt like a piece from a longer collection. I can see the world as you see it too and I also hate it, but I am also looking for what comes next. Perdition or a revolution or divine intervention or just the slow descent with little struggle. I want to know.


  2. the light is back, and the evil minded are doing their nut, and it’s a flame they cant put out, you just have to believe, great poem, hit the height of truth, keep it going, amen


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