Unlock The Chains

No one is perfect.
Everyone is born into sin
but we can unlock the chains
that has so many bounded,
they don’t want to be saved.

Kindly turn away from temptations,
as appetizing as they seem, they are never good.
The only aim is to conquer, corrupt and destroy
but don’t hide from the truth.
The truth will unlock the chains.

A Woman Scorned

She’s so bitter, she’s poisonous.
She lives in a steel cube,
only there will she let her guard down.

Every step she takes
leave shoe-prints on the concrete ground.
There’s not mistaking where she’s been.

Every word she utters,
breaks glass and pushes back walls.
When she’s angry, volcanoes erupt.

Every thing she touches,
crumples like crumbs.
She’s vulnerable.

Unhealthy Relationship

It’s time to walk away
when fighting and arguing becomes routine.
It’s not a healthy relationship
when unhappiness takes over.
It is better to keep your sanity
than to bury yourself in torture.

Don’t fall apart
to the point where you’ve become
enslaved to crying yourself to sleep at night.
Get back your self-control,
pack your bags and leave.
You deserve better!