Take Out The Trash

Snakes. Backstabbers. Haters.
They all fall in the same category.
Don’t trust them
don’t trust them
not even for a single second.

Snakes will spit on you
with venom so poisonous
you would die on the spot
in plain view.

Backstabbers will stab you in the back
over and over again
if you let them
with the same sharp knife
even after you’ve stopped moving.

Haters just don’t want you to have anything good.
They will hate on everything you have.
Don’t keep them around
get rid of them.


2 thoughts on “Take Out The Trash

  1. LOL. I am discovering something about poetry that I didn’t really pay attention to before….it can provide a masterful opportunity for purging doesn’t it. LOL. This is nice.


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