Entertainment or Garbage

You spend a lot of your time
in front of the tv but
almost all of what is shown,
chosen with “you” in mind
is straight up garbage.
It is meant for the dump.
In fact, dump it and burn it.

Money, power and materialistic things
solves everything in the make-believe world.
That’s what gets projected
while your mind is being robbed.

The majority of modern-day living is all for show,
mostly for entertainment purposes.
You don’t need this. You don’t need that.
You don’t need any more junk.

Turn off the tv, it’s for your own good.
Return it, sell it or destroy it.
Whatever rocks your boat.
Set your mind free from
all these mind-controlling distractions.
Sure, it’s entertaining but
you’re better off without it.

God’s Plan

I used to think the world was the perfect playground.
I wanted to do nothing more than
to climb the corporate ladder and
be “successful” by a certain age.

silly me! I can say that now but
I was disappointed for the longest time
with the turn of events that disrupted my reign.
I blamed myself for the hole I was in
without realizing I was right where I needed to be.

Sure, it was a hard pill to swallow but
today, I am happy that the world rejected me
because God already had a perfect plan in place.
Come to think of it…
even if I was at the top of the corporate ladder,
I wouldn’t have been able to top God’s plan for my life.

Take Out The Trash

Snakes. Backstabbers. Haters.
They all fall in the same category.
Don’t trust them
don’t trust them
not even for a single second.

Snakes will spit on you
with venom so poisonous
you would die on the spot
in plain view.

Backstabbers will stab you in the back
over and over again
if you let them
with the same sharp knife
even after you’ve stopped moving.

Haters just don’t want you to have anything good.
They will hate on everything you have.
Don’t keep them around
get rid of them.

Laugh. It’s Ok.

Laughing wholeheartedly
is like being carried away with the wind.
It is the calm after a bad day.
Everything negative just melts away
yet not enough people experience
that true, no-holding-back, letting go feeling.

I don’t know why so many send
LOLs with smirks on their faces.