Why can’t I write poems that rhyme?
Poems that rhyme.
Yes, that’s right.
I’ve tried my hand at this rhyming thing
at least a dozen times but they always
sound like amateur nursery ….
…….(yep, you guessed it)


6 thoughts on “Rhyming

  1. As I am pondering my poem and my topic in its head, I think about words that fit my topic, I come up with some pairs of rhyming words, then I work them in and structure my lines so those words are at the end. The emotion of the poem comes, first, the rhymes are then worked in as a secondary consideration.


  2. For years I would read rhyming poetry in a singsongy manner. Your poetry might be better than you think, but you are so aware of its rhythm and rhyme, it sounds childish in your head. I like what the first person said. Practice also helps. I must admit most of my rhyming poetry is light verse, but I have also used rhyming in some more serious verse. Have you read some good rhyming poetry by others? Do what you are good at, but don’t be afraid to experiment a little, and one day you might surprise yourself.


  3. I go to rhymezone.com when I am writing my Shakespearean 14 line sonnets in rhyme scheme of abab cdcd efef gg which
    helps me in planning my theme wording for each line…..I wrote my 612th sonnet yesterday…..Namaste`…..Stoney


  4. Gawd, I’m the other way. I can’t turn it off sometimes. I think we write what we feel comfortable in. Some of the best poetry I know and read has no rhyme but is no less poetic in its cadence. In fact, often moreso. If you can communicate what you want to express then I don’t see it matters too much how it’s done. Readers relate to the message and essence of the poem regardless of structure. And you do that.x


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