Back To Basics

I wish coming to America didn’t change me
but it did.
Nothing was the same.
I was in a strange land.
Adapting to my environment was my mission

I wish I could say I wasn’t mislead.
Everything i had ever known was based on God’s love and teachings.
I grew up in the church. I loved going as a child.
It was my home away from home.
I must say, I held on to my innocence for as long as I could
but in the end, I was just another statistic.

Drugs, smoking and drinking was never my thing
but I started swearing and thinking bad things,
things that had never crossed my mind before.
It got to the point where I became depressed and suicidal.
Not to mention, my involvement in church dwindled.
Then I became an unmarried pregnant young woman.
That was the lifestyle I walked into.

I’ve been fighting harder than ever before
to get back to my God-fearing self.
I’m in detox mode, trying to get rid of all the toxins
polluting the natural air around me.
I must say, I can breathe better now.


5 thoughts on “Back To Basics

  1. Stay focused and don’t let anybody knock you off your horse. I can sense the pain in this piece. There is no stronger bond to break than the fundamental life skills needed to stay grounded.


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