Writing Poetry and Adding Walls

I must admit,
it’s been a challenge
trying to post just one poem each day.
That is my goal.

Writing from my soul is not the hard part,
my thoughts are usually written down
waiting to be read and re-read,
it’s having the courage sometimes
to post my honest thoughts and opinions
that add walls (not meant to be there).


The music industry controls your mind.
Your mind is not your own.
Take your mind back.
Take it back.

You’ve become the puppet,
robot you were programmed to become.
To become a follower of the dark one.

Listen to the words in a song, the words do not lie.
No, the words do not lie.
The beats are just there to lure you in.

Back To Basics

I wish coming to America didn’t change me
but it did.
Nothing was the same.
I was in a strange land.
Adapting to my environment was my mission

I wish I could say I wasn’t mislead.
Everything i had ever known was based on God’s love and teachings.
I grew up in the church. I loved going as a child.
It was my home away from home.
I must say, I held on to my innocence for as long as I could
but in the end, I was just another statistic.

Drugs, smoking and drinking was never my thing
but I started swearing and thinking bad things,
things that had never crossed my mind before.
It got to the point where I became depressed and suicidal.
Not to mention, my involvement in church dwindled.
Then I became an unmarried pregnant young woman.
That was the lifestyle I walked into.

I’ve been fighting harder than ever before
to get back to my God-fearing self.
I’m in detox mode, trying to get rid of all the toxins
polluting the natural air around me.
I must say, I can breathe better now.

Focus On Today

Today, I woke up.
Grateful to see another day.
Yet, I still had the guts to complain.
Worries condemned me.

Yesterday was rough.
A day like every other day, it seems.
I found myself struggling once again
to find purpose and meaning.
Repeated insecurities, I suppose.

Tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I wonder what it will be like
if I live to see another day but
wandering mind aside,
I am thankful for today.
I get to breathe one more time.