Seek The Truth

Seek the truth and you will find it.
Read The King James Bible for yourself.
Know the Bible for yourself so you won’t be deceived.

The world is so corrupt, it seems like everything is a lie.
And, most of it is but not all of it.
You have to dig deep.
The truth is there.
Though deception is on the surface,
working tirelessly to cover up the word of God.

Open your eyes. Wake up.
Don’t be simple-minded.
The devil is real and it’s not hiding behind the shadows,
it’s bolder more now than ever before.
It resides in high places.
Its disciples on a mission to take over the world.
The new world order, who wants that?
They do!
Don’t follow these false prophets unknowingly.

Expect the unexpected.
Prepare yourself to be tested.


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