Dangerous Love

His idea of love is called manipulation.
He always wants to have the upper hand.
He thinks that being abusive and repulsive
Puts him in charge and makes him a man.
At least that’s what he was taught.

His wife is his slave and mistress.
She will do anything to please him;
Whatever he wants from her, she will do
Including giving him the approval
To have unprotected sex outside of marriage
with prostitutes and whores.

He does all this and more to make her happy.
his idea of honor and respect.
Then after he’s done,
After his lustful appetite has been satisfied,
He’ll come home to her
And demand she spread her legs
So he can become a sperm donor.

His lies and deception
has been going on for years.
Lately, she been feeling sick
maybe it’s just a case of the flu,
she’s trying to think positive things.
So today she went to the doctor
and found out she has HIV.

She plans on confronting him
But she knows all too well
What his whole reaction will be.
He’ll call her a slut,
Slap her across the face
And accuse her of cheating on him.
He will watch her fall down and shatter on the ground
Then he will stand over her and spit on her
And call her a dirty whore.

Later, he will come back to apologize.
He will not be afraid to say he’s sorry
And he won’t be afraid to comfort her.
They will make up and she will forgive him
Then the next day, he will go right back
to being a dirty dog.

She’s too afraid to tell him her diagnosis.
He needs to be tested too.

Seek The Truth

Seek the truth and you will find it.
Read The King James Bible for yourself.
Know the Bible for yourself so you won’t be deceived.

The world is so corrupt, it seems like everything is a lie.
And, most of it is but not all of it.
You have to dig deep.
The truth is there.
Though deception is on the surface,
working tirelessly to cover up the word of God.

Open your eyes. Wake up.
Don’t be simple-minded.
The devil is real and it’s not hiding behind the shadows,
it’s bolder more now than ever before.
It resides in high places.
Its disciples on a mission to take over the world.
The new world order, who wants that?
They do!
Don’t follow these false prophets unknowingly.

Expect the unexpected.
Prepare yourself to be tested.