One God. Many False Prophets.

We are in the last days.
A fallen and mislead people are we.
Swarms of false prophets overshadow the chosen few.

The true meaning and message of Jesus Christ
twisted and infected with mountains upon mountains of lies.
Worldly possessions should not be desired,
they are just temporary distractions,
sent forth to divert us from the truth.
Do not be tempted.

Our greatest reward is in Heaven.
It is true, there is only one God.
Seek Him and you will find Him.

All others claiming to be gods are idols.
They let you see what they want you to see.
Do not be fooled. Do not follow them.
They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Don’t Chase Waterfalls

Occasionally, I miss him.
I don’t know why we stopped talking all of a sudden
but that’s the way it usually is with him.
Just as quickly as he reappeared, he disappeared.
It must be an Aquarius thing.
It been months, the communication line is dead.
This time around though,
I won’t run after him.
There will be no more chasing waterfalls.

Pain For Pain

When her rejection list grew longer
the cuts on her wrists got worse.
She exchanged pain for pain
even though, the release was only temporary.

Some of the marks stayed on her body
until they faded out and she could not
see or feel them anymore.
Meanwhile, the rest of the marks
left an impression on her skin
that stayed put.
They had nowhere to run.

She likes the adrenaline rush pain brings.
Every time she lashes her wrists,
it gives her a certain high.
She wants to keep experiencing the rush
time after time so she cuts
even though, she cries at same time.