Box In, Box Out

I hide in a heavy-duty box
to feel secure.
I keep everyone at a distance
to keep anyone from getting close.
I observe with an open mind
to see how people speak, act, think, and react.

I laugh in an unusual way
to cover up my insecurities.

Living outside of my box
is a challenge I’m not usually willing to take
but God has greater plans for my life
which means that eventually I will have
to break down the box in order to
receive all of my blessings one hundred fold.

No Price On Love

I’m all about love.
It’s such a wonderful gift to have.
The reward is even greater
when love is shown to others.

Many do not know how
to give such a pure piece of their soul.
For them, it’s a rare commodity;
it comes with a hefty price tag.
Like expensive diamonds.