Good Friends

Good quality friends
are scarce these days
but I’ve managed to distance myself
from the few I had
which was a mistake on my part.

Overtime, we’ve become strangers
whereas before we were close.
I could blame it on time.
Of course, that seems the proper thing to do
but time is not really the culprit.

You see, I have this thing
about perfecting my life first
before bringing back anyone into it
which I understand will never be perfect.
I’ve failed to recognize
that you’ll still love and accept me for who I am.
Not what I have or don’t have.

And, even though,
we barely talk on the phone
you’ve always been
reliable and honest friends.

Hopefully, it’s not too late
and we can pick up
where we left off on the phone lol,
share some laughs
and eventually hang out again.

That would be nice.


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