Life And The Outcome

Who showed that life was a playing field,
a world coated with discoveries,
clothed in mysteries and daring fortunes.

Who’s behind the screen
watching the poor scrape by to make ends meet
as the rich get richer off the poor man’s illiteracy.
World hunger escalates on the dingy side
while food gets tossed by the boatload
on the streets paved with gold.

Some bright eyes see nothing wrong
with throwing away perfectly good food.
People all over the world is suffering
the basic needs of life can’t be met;
yet some have iPhone and blackberry cellphones.
Whats wrong with that picture?

This world, this life is just a playing field.
Every human being a pawn,
a player in a chess game.
The only option is to play or get played.

The good die young and the bad prevail.
Materialistic things top the list of the most desired.
War after war carries the torch of madness and destruction.
Love is scattered, its meaning buried deep.
Hatred is the new universal language.
At least, that’s what the world wants to see happen.

The world is clouded with brainwashed people,
almost zombie-like, in retaliation for freedom.
Freedom…at whose or what expense?
Who controls the world?
Sucking the energy and life out of mankind
for their own satisfaction. Total world domination
WILL NEVER be the evil man’s cup of tea.

Hope for a better tomorrow comes with a price,
a price only a few are willing to pay these days
because people are sucked into a materialistic lifestyle,
blinded by the bling-bling,
fighting unnecessary wars that was cooked up in a kitchen,
giving up their life in vain.

It seems, it seems like happiness is a delicacy.
Even with the rich man’s billions, still can’t afford it.
Who said that life was meant to be
as difficult as it has been for so many people.
Life was meant to be a lived in peace, love and happiness.
That is what God wants.

The last days are here.
Believe it or not, everything is changing right before filtered eyes.
The problem is: the world is too blind to see;
too brainwashed to wake up from the trance.
The solution: step away from the TV and seek God.

Good Friends

Good quality friends
are scarce these days
but I’ve managed to distance myself
from the few I had
which was a mistake on my part.

Overtime, we’ve become strangers
whereas before we were close.
I could blame it on time.
Of course, that seems the proper thing to do
but time is not really the culprit.

You see, I have this thing
about perfecting my life first
before bringing back anyone into it
which I understand will never be perfect.
I’ve failed to recognize
that you’ll still love and accept me for who I am.
Not what I have or don’t have.

And, even though,
we barely talk on the phone
you’ve always been
reliable and honest friends.

Hopefully, it’s not too late
and we can pick up
where we left off on the phone lol,
share some laughs
and eventually hang out again.

That would be nice.