Uncomfortable Skin

Most people would rather be
someone else than be themselves.
Wanting what others have
so they lie, cheat, steal and kill
just to get a taste or feel.

They don’t like being themselves
for fear of ridicule, embarrassment or not being accepted.

They don’t love who they are
despite the image they put on display;
they are so unhappy, it’s unbearable.

They don’t appreciate their uniqueness,
blending in rather than standing out.

They don’t value their life,
finding solace in drugs and alcohol, or other toxic means
to fill an empty or half-filled void.

Or, they simple just don’t understand their purpose
so they create obstacles to find one (or more).

Not My Battle

There are those
who look at me and assume
the worst case scenario
concerning my social growth
and other professional duties.
Not because I’m a bad person,
they just don’t understand
my quiet demeanor.

They try to test me and break me down
…that’s fine, I’m okay with that
although it’s so annoying
but it’s their battle not mine.
I don’t have anything
to prove to anyone.

Cut Him Some Slacks

Give him a break,
cut him some slacks.
Stop messing with his tail
and breathing down his back,
he’s at his breaking point.

Stop complaining left to right
about how awful you think he is.
He’s really not a bad person,
In fact, I think he’s great.
If only you’ll give him a chance
then you’ll see his true self.

Give him a break,
cut him some slacks.
Stop saying he was your biggest mistake,
if only you’ll recognize all the hurt
you’ve drenched him in

before you know it,
he’ll transition out of your life for good
and your chance for reconciliation
will be cut in half of what it already is.

Freedom. For A Price.

Life is a precious gift.
No amount of money
will ever be equal to it.

The world takes more than it gives.
Such a selfish society bent on getting rich.
The higher up the hierarchy, the worst it gets.
Power is the root of all this evil wrongdoing;
money is just the pocket change.

Life was not meant to be bought or sold.
Mankind was never meant to be enslaved by anyone.
Our Freedom has been breached;
it has been stolen to satisfy the power thirsty lost souls
we entrusted to protect our dreams a long time ago.

Our lives are on the line.
Freedom as we know it
will soon be a restricted treat.

Her Words

Her words are delightful,
they are a treat.

Her words speak knowledge acquired,
they speak of a true journey.

Her words know no boundaries,
she speaks from a heart made of gold.

Her words have reached plenty,
they are appreciated by many.

I love my grandmother
more than she’ll ever know.

Happiness is YOU

Happiness is YOU
Reflecting what you feel on the inside out.
Not changing yourself for the likes of someone else
And loving you for who you are.

Happiness is a cookie in a jar.
A walk in the park.
Spending time with family and friends.
And cherishing those special moments.

Happiness is fresh air,
Waking up every morning,
Eating breakfast at the dining room table
Or eating breakfast in bed.

Happiness is lying on the grass.
Reading a good book.
Watching a late-night movie
Or taking a midday nap.

Happiness is being thankful and grateful.
Being humble, loving, kind, and caring.
Being the best YOU.

Finding You

Finding you is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.
I’ve lost hope in you from time to time,
I’ve cursed at your very existence when I got angry
And didn’t know why you were here.

I’ve broken down into pieces of pie
When I didn’t think you’d make it.
Plenty of times I thought you were going crazy
And needed to be committed to a psychiatric ward.
You’ve always let drama and stress get the best of you,
No wonder you got so sad and depressed.

I thought you were going to do it,
“I thought you were going to kill yourself”
…there I said it!
You were on the brink of a suicidal death.
I didn’t know you’d last this long,
I thought you’d be out cold in a grave out back
But then again,
you’ve always been determined and strong.

Sometimes I thought I knew you
And you’d always let me down;
You’ve always let others define who you are,
And you’ve punked out
more times than you stood up for yourself.
It’s always been tough trying to keep you in one piece.
And it bothered me
that you were always so angry at yourself; at me.

Sometimes it was hard to watch you
Fall in and out of consciousness
trying to find your place in this world.
I’ve always been there for you
Through thick and thin ice.
Your hands I’ve always held in mines.

I’ve never left your side
Even when you didn’t want me around,
I stuck by your side ‘cause I knew you’d always need me.
No matter how much you kicked and screamed
No matter how many times you told me to go away
And never show my face again.

But this time was different; I knew it was time to go.
At least I needed to be gone
long enough for you to remember who you were.

And I’m glad I decided to leave.
You’re my best friend
and it was the best thing I could do, for you.
You needed a break;
you needed some time to regroup.

I’m so happy I left,
‘Cause you are right where you should be; at home.
You finally seem happy and content;
That’s what I’ve always wanted for you.

By far, losing you is the best thing
that has ever happened to me.
If not, I wouldn’t have been able
To find myself.