In My Memory

In my memory, he is there
just the way I remember him.
Fresh in my mind, he is there and it
doesn’t get old, him being there
all the time. I can recall him
anytime I want, anytime I want
to see him, I know he is there.
He hasn’t left yet but I know
I have to let him go.

Born Again

My mind is at ease,
peaceful as can be.
There is a calm.
I am free.

My heart is whole again,
pure as it should be,
not poisoned by the weight of this world.
I am free.

My soul is singing a song of freedom,
not caged up like an animal that should be out in nature.
I can spread my wings and fly.
I am free.

God is my light.
Today I prayed from my heart
without weight or compromise.
I am finally free.