Our God

God wants us
to trust and believe in Him.
Suffering and pain is not apart of the plan
but they will be used as stepping-stones
to mold us and make us stronger than we are.

God loves us.
He wants us to be happy and live in peace.
Though the world is polluted
with many unpleasant things,
His beauty is all around us
if we just look and see.

God wants us to listen when He speaks.
He’s always guiding and protecting us.
He wants us to follow where He leads.
Eternal life is ours, it’s free.
All we have to do is surrender
our heart to Him and He will set us free.

Eye Candy

A dark cloud tags along wherever she goes.
She sees everyone living a great life,
everyone except her.
She can barely afford to keep food on the table
yet alone spend a fortune on unnecessary things.

Beautiful people populate her surroundings.
Their smiles always look a Kodak moment,
teeth white as snow, they sparkle like diamonds.
Their outfits modern and perfect, closets the size of stores.
Photogenic creatures with flawless skins and bodies
cover magazines pages,
flaunting their riches and silicone exteriors.
They reside in beautiful, sprawling mansions
on acres and acres of land.
Their money speaks a language
only the rich can understand.

Expensive cars and jewelry catches her eyes the most.
Mountains of clothes, shoes and purses makes her toes curl.
Everything about being rich
has got her hooked on
upgrading to the elite lifestyle.
The best of everything money can buy is her ultimate aim.

she hates when she daydreams
about the life she would love to have.
Financial security and stability
is just what she needs but for now,
she cannot afford to throw away a penny.