He spends top dollars on her,
pampering her with the best,
trying to make her his special lady.

She just wants him for his money
and that’s what keeps her with him.
She does not love or care for him.

He’s in love with her
and wants her to be his wife
so he buys her a ring
with hopes of making it official.

She readily accepts, quick to say “yes”,
as she playfully hugs and kisses him,
she blushes, giggles and beams
with glass eyes fastened on the rock on her finger.

For him, it’s music to his ears.
He wants his happily ever after.

But for her, the story is not the same.
She will leave him if and when his money runs out,
she will not think twice about breaking his heart.

Tug of War #1

I’m in a wilderness,
running away from something.
Someone is chasing me
into dark corners I have never been
but I have no idea what or who it is
that has me taking big leaps of faith.
No way do I want to be caught or get shot
in the back by the unseen.

I’m on one side.
Everyone else is on the other.
There’s a tug of war going on but I’m
the only one on my team.
No one wants to stand beside me.

Bridges To Cross

Acceptance. A bridge to cross.
Let go. A work in progress.
Actually move forward. A move in the right direction.

I have to accept
that life is like the wind,
like a breeze with no accurate direction.
I need to let go
of the things I cannot change or control
in order to actually move forward
in my lifelong journey.