You Were Right

The last few times we spoke, we
engaged in conversations that
took us out of this world. We transitioned
into another dimension yet it was familiar
enough to call home because we had been there,
many times before. The only thing we’d ever been
fortunate enough to accomplish up there,
where all seemed right was a collection of
mixed feelings and emotions that
clouded our inability to accept the
inevitable truth that we were
always better off as friends.
Somewhere inside, we both knew the truth.

Dear Diary

As I lay in my bed,
I’ve got so much on my mind,
as usual.
I’m a buzzing bee.
Thinking about this and that
plus everything else in between.

Getting enough sleep
seems to be a luxury I haven’t been able
to achieve in my adult life.
Just the other day,
I was letting the cat out of the bag,
telling my sister how cursed I feel
to be laced with the poison of

Don’t get me wrong,
I am blessed in so many other ways.
I just wish I knew how to
fully let go and trust God
in everything like I know I should…
but I don’t.

I don’t trust anyone!
Trust, is the root of my worries.
I feel like I have so much going on
(join the rest of the world, right? Yeah, LOL. I know)
that I don’t know any way out
of this turmoil so I continue on
the path I’ve known for far too long.

But, the truth is: I’m ready to let go
of my worries and trust God fully and completely
because worrying myself
into an early grave
is not something I’m looking forward to.