Life is a Journey

I try to hide my emotions
deep down inside of me
but no matter where I go,
they always seem to find me.

I try not to cry in front of others
when all I want to do is break down
and cry, allowing every wall
I’ve ever held up to tumble down
when my emotions get the best of me.

I try to always think on a positive note
but there are times
when negativity consumes my airwaves
and I fall down
into a spiral staircase of self-destruction.

I try to laugh more than I frown
But sometimes I let certain things or people in my life
drag me down into confusing directions,
adding to my disappointments
and falling short of my expectations.

I try to be the best me
I can possibly be
‘cause at the end of the day,
after everyone has made their way home,
I have to find my way home too.

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