When I was in love with you,
it was a bittersweet experience.
I loved you with my whole heart
even when you questioned
why I had so much love for you.
Nothing I ever said or did
could justify in your mind
what was so lovable about you.

Imperfect Me

I have scars on my delicate body.
There are tears and stretches in my soft skin.
I have some discoloration here and there.
Bumps, blackheads, and acne come my way often.
There are some temporary bruises
that will probably leave a lifelong mark.

I have permanent scars
that reminds me of where I’ve been.
I have bags underneath my eyes;
my swollen, sleepy, crying eyes; a genetic situation.
I have stretch marks.
The culprit: two pregnancies.

My body isn’t perfect but it is mine.
Mine to love.
Mine to honor.
Mine to cherish.
Mine to accept.
Mine to feel comfortable in.
My body is my temple.

I have natural carvings on my body.
I’ve been blessed with these permanent tattoos.
My body tells a story.