Two Sides of Love

Love swears up and down
he is a loving husband
but he’s really an abusive lost child
who feels like a man when he pounds on his wife.

In turn, love is an abused wife
who takes all the pounding like a punching bag,
too afraid to get out of a bad relationship
because she is married to the love of her life.

Love is a mother
who gave up everything she had,
even the clothes off her back
to support a grown child who has never really grown up.

In turn, love is a son or daughter
who has it all, anything money can buy
but does nothing to help his/her suffering mother
who’s one day away from being homeless.

Love is a woman in love
with a man who doesn’t see her worth.
She is a good woman. She is loyal.

In turn, love is a man who spends
all of his money on a gold digging woman
who only wants him for how much money he’s worth.


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