Open Your Eyes

Don’t follow the crowd.
Step out and be a leader.
Make up your own mind.
Have your own identity.
Know yourself better.
Love and appreciate yourself more.

Wear whatever makes you feel happy,
your style should not be highly influenced
by society’s constant changing fashion lines.

Be your own boss.
Navigate your own schedule
Instead of being numbed with someone else’s idea
of how you should spend your time.

and blah, blah, blah…

Everything you see
does not have your name on it.

Everything you hear
should not be repeated.

Everything you think
should be re-thinked at least twice before execution.

Every move you make
should be a stepping stone to the next level.

Wake up!
The world is watching you.
Wheeling you into everything it can,
poisoning your mind with its plans
so you can join the movement
when the time presents itself.

Open your eyes and start thinking for yourself.
Step out of the crowd.
The world is not your friend.
God is your only light.


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