Made Up Worlds

Natural beauty hides behind made up worlds.
Afraid to emerge from behind
the mountains of money back guarantees
painting the image of what beautiful is.

Makeup is more than just a coverup
of blemishes and other unwanted marks,
for some people, it’s a way of life.
If their faces are not painted,
they wouldn’t recognize themselves
even if the mirror handed them their face
on a silver platter.

Favorite Love

Open your eyes.
They’ve been closed shut for decades.
You’ve been looking past the things you cannot accept
yet accepting the things you shouldn’t
even when it’s not right,
you twist it until it seems right in your eyes.

Everyone should be treated the same way,
not one better than the next.
Favoritism should have no place in love.

If it is truly love, it should be unconditional,
not enhanced when there’s a certain name or face
attached to something that is supposed to be sacred and pure.
The true meaning of love is lost behind a broken system.