Why You Are Freezing Cold

Your heavy-laden choices…
good intentions turned sour with pride,
bad reactions tied with unskilled actions,
shortage of patience,
inexperienced mind,
stained mistakes,
streaks of misunderstanding,
unplanned chess moves,
premature heartaches,
and other unhealthy circumstances
that only you can explain
makes up your negative 10 exterior.

I Will Persevere

The struggles I’ve faced in the past,
the ones I am still facing now,
and the ones I want to avoid in the future
fuels my drive to cross the finish line
so if I have to run, crawl, walk, limp, jump, skip, or dance
I am standing on that podium
proud, bold, grateful and thankful as ever
with my trophy in my hand

the fight doesn’t end after that,
it continues on
long after the war is over

Cat and Mouse Games

You’ve forgotten about the turmoil
that once latched on to the confusing
cat and mouse games
played by a cunning little boy
impersonating the image of a man
lost and found
lost and found
lost and found

One day when you are living in your own world
then you are attacked with reminders
of the hard knock life you tried so hard to forget,
one where things were perfect for a day
you were the perfect couple

The memories flood back so easily,
taking you by surprise that he has the nerve
to bring you back to base,
a place where you’ve never belonged.

You sting and itch
with a pain you don’t recognize
but it is there,
waiting to be dealt with properly.