In My Memory

In my memory, he is there
just the way I remember him.
Fresh in my mind, he is there and it
doesn’t get old, him being there
all the time. I can recall him
anytime I want, anytime I want
to see him, I know he is there.
He hasn’t left yet but I know
I have to let him go.

Born Again

My mind is at ease,
peaceful as can be.
There is a calm.
I am free.

My heart is whole again,
pure as it should be,
not poisoned by the weight of this world.
I am free.

My soul is singing a song of freedom,
not caged up like an animal that should be out in nature.
I can spread my wings and fly.
I am free.

God is my light.
Today I prayed from my heart
without weight or compromise.
I am finally free.

Our God

God wants us
to trust and believe in Him.
Suffering and pain is not apart of the plan
but they will be used as stepping-stones
to mold us and make us stronger than we are.

God loves us.
He wants us to be happy and live in peace.
Though the world is polluted
with many unpleasant things,
His beauty is all around us
if we just look and see.

God wants us to listen when He speaks.
He’s always guiding and protecting us.
He wants us to follow where He leads.
Eternal life is ours, it’s free.
All we have to do is surrender
our heart to Him and He will set us free.

Eye Candy

A dark cloud tags along wherever she goes.
She sees everyone living a great life,
everyone except her.
She can barely afford to keep food on the table
yet alone spend a fortune on unnecessary things.

Beautiful people populate her surroundings.
Their smiles always look a Kodak moment,
teeth white as snow, they sparkle like diamonds.
Their outfits modern and perfect, closets the size of stores.
Photogenic creatures with flawless skins and bodies
cover magazines pages,
flaunting their riches and silicone exteriors.
They reside in beautiful, sprawling mansions
on acres and acres of land.
Their money speaks a language
only the rich can understand.

Expensive cars and jewelry catches her eyes the most.
Mountains of clothes, shoes and purses makes her toes curl.
Everything about being rich
has got her hooked on
upgrading to the elite lifestyle.
The best of everything money can buy is her ultimate aim.

she hates when she daydreams
about the life she would love to have.
Financial security and stability
is just what she needs but for now,
she cannot afford to throw away a penny.

Written In A Book

My life, goals and dreams
centuries ago.
Written in the Book Of Life.
Minor altercations made here and there
to go along with the change of times.

Everything is bound to happen
right on schedule though
ditching natural and man-made disasters.
Give or take a little time and patience.


I’m going for the gold. Till the end I will fight
every demon I have ever encountered to get to
my destination of growth and prosperity.

I will no longer stand in my way.
Sealed up in my comfortable, comfortable shell,
the place I’ve called home all of my life,
making up cover stories, thinking that being
quiet, shy and reserved
will get me to where I need to be.

I am sick of standing behind the curtains;
behind the scenes,
waiting for my name to be called.
I’ve always been a doormat.
I’ve always been a nail on a wall or nailed to the floor.

I’m always at the back of the line,
in the background getting overlooked
like a forgotten painting on a lonely wall.
Severe anxiety has always got my hands
cuffed behind my back.

I hate when anxiety attacks.
I hate when I’m staring around nervously,
wringing my hands, shaking my head in confusion,
yes, no, maybe, I don’t know
being an undecided freak show
instead of being confident and outspoken.
My exterior is weak. Is that what people see?

I cannot take the back seat
a moment longer, watching my life
pass me by as I wave with hands of fear.
I’m much, much stronger than I look.
Is that the answer people seek?

Afraid to be seen,
afraid to be heard.
Afraid of total acceptance,
afraid of rejection.
Afraid of success,
afraid of failure.
Afraid to live,
afraid to die.

Afraid. Afraid. Afraid.
Of everything.
Is that living?

It’s time. Every fiber in me
says I have nothing to fear.
It is time to overcome.
It is time to start living life
as it was meant to be lived.


He spends top dollars on her,
pampering her with the best,
trying to make her his special lady.

She just wants him for his money
and that’s what keeps her with him.
She does not love or care for him.

He’s in love with her
and wants her to be his wife
so he buys her a ring
with hopes of making it official.

She readily accepts, quick to say “yes”,
as she playfully hugs and kisses him,
she blushes, giggles and beams
with glass eyes fastened on the rock on her finger.

For him, it’s music to his ears.
He wants his happily ever after.

But for her, the story is not the same.
She will leave him if and when his money runs out,
she will not think twice about breaking his heart.

Tug of War #1

I’m in a wilderness,
running away from something.
Someone is chasing me
into dark corners I have never been
but I have no idea what or who it is
that has me taking big leaps of faith.
No way do I want to be caught or get shot
in the back by the unseen.

I’m on one side.
Everyone else is on the other.
There’s a tug of war going on but I’m
the only one on my team.
No one wants to stand beside me.

Bridges To Cross

Acceptance. A bridge to cross.
Let go. A work in progress.
Actually move forward. A move in the right direction.

I have to accept
that life is like the wind,
like a breeze with no accurate direction.
I need to let go
of the things I cannot change or control
in order to actually move forward
in my lifelong journey.


A stranger among family and friends.
Not once did she feel at home in their presence.

They were all familiar faces,
faces she had seen many times before
yet she didn’t know who they were;
it was as if she never met them a day in her life.

Sacred Voice

She hardly speaks above a whisper.
Her voice is sacred, every word a delight.

A message is sent, a book is written
with her contribution to every conversation she has.

Knowledge. Wisdom. Understanding.
Correlates with her vocal cords.

she’s a fragile old lady,
there is power in her breath.


Surrounded by one hundred people.
Up in my shell I’d rather be.
Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.
Gotta engage in conversations,
gotta keep the smiles coming,
shake lots of hands and sketch faces one by one.
My heart is racing. My mind is blank.
My cheeks are getting tired from smiling
but it’s the best I can do to keep from hiding.