The Blues

(I don’t want to talk about it anymore.
I don’t want to think about it anymore.
I just want to forget the whole thing).

Last night I thought of you
and I couldn’t get you off my mind
so I started texting you
every thought that crossed my mind.

I’m missing you like crazy.
What I feel for you just blows my mind
but I know loving me right now
is not on your agenda.

I hate feeling so vulnerable,
wanting to be with you so bad.
Every time it gets like this,
I feel like I’m going mad.

As tough as it is, I’ve got to remain strong
cause I know I have to face this on my own.
It’s so sad that we aren’t together
but that’s just the ways it goes.

(I just want to move on with my life
so I can start forgetting about you).

Excess Baggage

He purposely hangs around.
He doesn’t want to leave
no matter what, he stays put
and over-stays his welcome.

The book has been closed
there are no more chapters
to be written on fake love and false pretense.

Tucked away in his own world,
it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t belong
and that the welcome mat
has been pulled out from under his feet.

Because in his heart
he has found comfort and that’s enough
for him to feel loved and welcomed
even when no one wants him around.