Crying Out

Body tense,
on high alert.

I fall asleep and wake up stressed.

Constant headaches.
Stomach cramps.

I’m screaming at the top of my lungs inside.

Need relief.
A few sessions of therapy.

I can feel my death fast approaching.

And to live
is the only option.

I don’t want to die without first truly living.

Regrets and Repercussions

Her body flooded with regrets.

Just the quivering thought of
carrying around her heavy load of mistakes,
made in passions of love and moments of frustrations,
like her favorite designer purse
terrified her fragile soul.

She is dying inside.
Every minute hurts.
She does not want
to live with any repercussions
but the things of the past
is written in a book and sitting on her bookshelf,
at least for now.

she really needs to read it.

She’s shopping around for a clean slate,
hoping to find something within her strained budget.

she has been hurt by others. She has hurt others.
She has lied. She has been lied to.
She has struggled to make end meets.
She has begged for change on the street.
She took drugs and sold some when the time came.
She’s had her fair share of brushes with death.
Wanting to make a change one day and die the next.
And the list goes on…
But so does life.