She goes to bed at night.
Not to sleep
but to catch up
on the day’s events.

She fights her sleep,
her eyes she does not want to close,
she’s afraid of missing something
she may have overlooked
in her fight to keep her eyes open.

she’d rather carry heavy bags
underneath her eyes
than to get a goodnights’ rest

she idly lays in bed,
worrying herself sick and thin
for an appetite she has none,
her strength is fading,
her voice of reason has always been a stranger

a bed
in a mental health institution
awaits her predicted return.

The Pretender

He pretends to love
but he does not know
what love is.

He pretends to care
but he does not even know
how to care for himself.

He pretends to understand
but he does not know
how to put his thoughts together.

He pretends to listen
but he has a serious selective hearing problem.

He pretends
because it is easier to give
the piece of himself
that does not have any
feelings or emotions.