One And The Same

I shout.
You scream
things get worse.
I don’t listen.
You don’t listen.
things could be better
I get mad.
You’re foaming at the mouth.
We are both showing off
in each other’s faces.
no one wants to back down.
Bright lights on,
our true colors on high beam.
We are one and the same
in our actions and reactions.

Dark Shadow

Behind closed doors,
she breaks every mirror she sees.
She cannot stand the sight
of the person staring back at her.
Her heart, mind, and soul
is so conflicted and possessed with self-hate
that she’d rather not be herself.
She thinks the world
would be a better place without her
but the world has never met her before.

Peaceful Sleep

The realness
of the green grass
hugging my feet and kissing my toes
takes me back
to my wonderful childhood.

I’m running
in green pastures
as far as the eye can see.
all my goals and dreams
in my sleep
I am at peace and
I am truly happy.

On a Ledge

He wants to feel alive
but inside he’s dying a rich man’s death.
Constantly he falls in and out of his mind,
fighting the daily balance of time,
his capacity to function is limited.
He’s out on a ledge
with thoughts of letting it
all spill out on the concrete ground.
He’s a half an inch away from
facing his destiny.

Disappearing Act

Every beginning has been the same.
Every ending has been the same.

One minute you are there
and the next you disappear.

No explanation.
Not a single word.

Then 6 months down the road you show up
as if time stood still while you were away.

You play games.
You toy with my feelings and emotions.

One day we talk like there’s no tomorrow
but then tomorrow comes and there’s silence.

You’ve disappeared again.

I Can Live Without You

I used to be petrified
with just the mere thought of losing you.
Even if it was for my own good,
I did not want to say goodbye.

When you sprinted out the door
like you were in a race for your life,
I had to get myself back together.
I had to reclaim my happiness.
I had to stop pressing the snooze button.

“I can live without you”
that is what opened my eyes

Play In Your Own Mud

Everyone needs to stay in their zone,
mind their own business
and play in their own mud

it’s not right
to judge another person’s circumstances,
it is not anyone’s place.
Just learn to walk in your own shoes,
step-by-step and watch your step,
because you may not survive a splash of reality
in someone else’s mud pie of life.


For someone who didn’t treat you right
sure had a place right next to you
on the bed each night.

For someone who tore you down
into tiny pieces each time you had a fight
sure got treated like an A-list star.

For someone who claimed to love you
but never knew how to love
or how to forgive the simplest things
sure had your heart wrapped up like a gift.

For someone who never grew up
and could not step up to be a man
sure had a way with making you
fly back home each time you packed
your bags and vowed never to go back
…to fantasy-land.