Surrounded by water
stranded in an ocean
a thousand miles deep,
a million miles wide
no land in sight.
That’s how it feels
to drown in loneliness,

it’s like stealing a breath to survive,
yet coughing up water only to drown again,
repeat breath, drown.
Again and again.

Venomous Disappointments

unbearable it feels.
To need someone.
To want something.
To reach out.
To push pride to the side.
To long for the rainbow filled life.
To still dream new dreams
backed up by old beat-up promises
only to be baited, trapped and slammed dunked
by venomous disappointments.

Poisoned Love

Don’t remind me
of who you used to be.
The person you swear you are
is not the person I fought
so hard to give center stage to.

That person
spat vapors on my dreams,
smashed my spirits when I was down,
shoved my hands away
when I was offering support,
shunned my love,
shot an arrow through my heart
because the love of a good woman
scared you into walking away.

Promised Phone Calls

You say you’ll call
So I wait minutes after the past due time
for your promised over-the-phone conversation,

minutes turn into hours
and hours turn into days
until finally you text to say
you were busy entertaining company
and after that you were tired so you went to bed

No apology.
End of conversation.
Every promised phone call
turns into a disappointment.

Old-School Upbringing

When I was a little girl,
I was told to follow the lead
and to dispose of my bright ideas.

to glue up the broken pieces of home life
and make the best of everything.

to bite my tongue and hold my words back
for I was only to be seen not heard.

respect for elders was mandatory,
disrespect was not tolerated.
I could not talk back or raise my voice.

I had to eat all the food on my plate
or get lectured about
the millions of starving people in Africa.

Bedtime was at 8pm sharp,
TV off, lights out.
End of discussion.

Manners, respect, and obedience
was the key to surviving my childhood.
Which turned out to be a great thing.

His True Self Revealed

his mind is sold out,
he walks the paved streets at night
stuck in a trance
his common sense fades into the moonlight
madness a welcoming escape

whenever he glimpses himself in the mirror
he sees a madman steering back,
with a peaceful smile he instantly recognizes
who he is.