Haters (Family Edition)

You’ve stood the test of time.
You are stronger than you’ve ever been.
Nothing or no one
can stop your shine
like a diamond you sparkle.
You are the real deal.

No matter how many
pitfalls you encounter,
you will still come out
On Top.

It’s just a matter of time
before all your hard work
Pays Off.


You know
who has your back
and who never did.

You know
who’s love you can always feel
and who’s love you never did.

only a few
are the real deal.

The majority are fake, fake, fake,
taking up space,
pretending to care
but they are usually
the main backstabbers,
the ones carrying
the sharpest knives around town,
talking about you
behind your back,
saying things
that they don’t have
the courage or the audacity
to say to your face.

They swear
they mean you no harm,
that they only want
the best for you
but to help you
reach a goal or a milestone,

they will hate on you with a passion,
spit on you with the cruelest intentions,
smite you with boulders,
choke you with bare hands,
put a curse on you with their wicked tongues
fueled by jealously, envy and hate,
…they will go to great lengths,
do anything, anything it takes to ensure
that you don’t make
something of yourself

simply because
they don’t want you to succeed

simply because
they don’t like you
yet they will swear up and down
on each others’ graves,
crossing their fingers behinds their backs,
hugging you tight for extra points,
giving you misguided advice
…all in the name of the same “blood”
pumping through your veins.


But, you hug them because you love them.
You will always have their backs
no matter what.
You want to see them happy,
you pray that they succeed
but you are not blind
to their cruel intentions
because when you hug them,
you can feel the knives
poking you in the back.

Back To God

When I am going through the motions,
at times they get the best of me.
Praying is not usually my sanctuary.
In fact, praying is like a last resort.

By the time I’ve decided its time to pray,
I am usually at my breaking point.
When my anger lashes out at God
and I honestly have to ask Him
where he’s been when I needed Him
before I pulled the last straw.

And, when I’ve said what I had to say,
sometimes swearing that I won’t be back again;
my heart knows where I belong
because no matter what I say or feel

I know that my sins are forgiven
no matter how many mistakes I make,
I always find comfort in His presence.
I always run back to God.

He is my rock.
He gives me strength.
He is my calm after the storm.
I know He loves me
despite my rice grain of faith.

Don’t Judge

The message is crystal clear:
Never look down on others.

It could be you
without a job, a place to call home,
living out on the streets,
begging for spare change on a busy road
where you are ignored
or given pennies for your troubles.

It could be you
working for less than minimum wage
just to make ends meet
when in reality,
not even one end will meet.

Maybe it was you who
hopped from shelter to shelter
with no food in your starving belly,
days are like months in your world.

Maybe you slept in your car
and that was the only home you had for a while
out there on the dangerous streets,
you’ve lived on the brink of helplessness,
closer to the ground than dirt.

It could be you
in any of these situations
so don’t judge anyone
whether you believe their story or not.

Their story could become yours
in a matter of minutes.

Because Of Her Fears

Because of her fears:
she does not move or dance to the beat of the drums
playing the music that touches her deep.
She’s afraid of enjoying herself solely for her pleasure.

Because of her fears:
she’s shy and inverted, socializing is like poison,
she wants no part in confronting herself.
Her fears, she’s afraid to silence.

Because of her fears:
she won’t take chances, yet she longs for change.
She’d rather live a miserable life than to follow her instincts
and build on her faith for her greater good.

Because of her fears:
she stays disconnected, watching every opportunity
she could’ve taken slowly vanish into thin air,
those stepping-stones now a distant memory
that she cannot forget even with all her might,
they stay put.

Because of her fears:
she struggles an unnecessary punishment.
Inside her mind, she keeps wondering
Why? When? Where? What? How?
her life will change if her fears did not bound her.

Stacked With Insecurities

She was just walking by
with her head down,
lost in her drowning thoughts and confusing world,
trying her best not to get noticed
when someone called her “fat”.

She’s been struggling with a weight issue
since the second grade,
only now the issue was fluctuating out of her hands.
She’d gained 10 lbs in the last two months
something she wasn’t happy with.
The teasing and name calling
she preferred not to deal with.

“Oh no, not today” she cried out inside,
she was tired of people talking about her
behind her back
for they did not know her
and she cared way too about
what they were thinking;

she wanted to be one of those girls
that could have a modeling career.
she wanted to be “thin” and “beautiful”
but instead she was stuck inside a body
she did not want to be in.

She’d been starving herself
but that wasn’t working out too well
so bingeing became the next best thing
but she was still being called “fat”
though not for long.

Soon she’ll be as thin as a model
giving her the body image she desperately wanted
to fit in with the mean girls.

Blinded Eyes

My eyes are open
but I can’t see
the obvious things
in front of me.

Been pushing through
murky waters
on my hands and knees,
feeling around,
searching for the light
trying to find my way around
hoping to encounter
the unseen.


I don’t see myself clearly,
my story I cannot tell
through my own eyes

I Feel Your Pain

The purity of your soul,
all your words overflow with such strong emotions
I can feel them
so raw, unedited, and real.

They make me want to weep for you,
there’s so much sadness pouring out of you.
Every day you say you feel alone in this bustling world
though you are surrounded by people who love you
but they don’t understand you,
they don’t know the depth of your pain.

Will they ever understand
even if you spoon-fed them?
They just want you to be OK
even if they’ll never truly understand.

Needs and Wants (short version)

We need this.
We want that.
We want to take, take, take.
Little, if anything, do we give back
for the sake of giving.

Everyone needs that.
Love is an abused escape route
for just about everyone to use and make excuses
for our lack of compassion towards each other.
Its meaning lost and unclear.

We need this.
We want that.
We want to take, take, take.
Little, if anything, do we give back
for the sake of giving.

Everyone wants that.
Hope sometimes seems lost
under all the garbage
clogging up our faith.

We need this.
We want that.
We want to take, take, take.
Little, if anything, do we give back
for the sake of giving.