Running On Empty

Last night,
my head pounded.
It felt like nails were being
carefully hammered
into my brain.

I had to fight many battles
just to close my eyes
for a few minutes.

When the night was over
and the light sneaked in,
my head started drumming
to a new beat.

I did not sleep a wink
last night
for my troubled mind
was overbooked
and overworked.

Which Way

Some say they are born that way;
it was biologically determined.
Some say they were introduced to the lifestyle;
they made a choice.
Right or wrong?

Some do not want to be labeled like that.
Some will run away from it.
Some will accept it.
What would you do?

Some say all it takes is prayer.
Some say you can’t pray it away.
Who are you?


Shopping Freeze

I don’t enjoy shopping at all.
In fact, I don’t look forward
to going to the mall
or the grocery store.

When I am in a store,
my stomach churns.
I would rather retreat
than stand in long lines.

Maybe I’m better off
shopping online,
it’s so much more convenient.

Puddle Of Mud

I played outside in the rain.
Feeling youthful, vibrant, and carefree.
The way I was when I was an innocent child,
having the world as my playground.
Somewhere in my newfound freedom,
I stepped in a puddle of mud
and wiped my feet on the atmosphere.

Say what…

My club hopping days
retired the day I knew
I was going to be a mom.

No more partying
like a rock star or
shaking my tail feather
with parched men
I probably would not see again

…and I was perfectly fine
with that understanding.

Until now.

I certainly wouldn’t mind
a little club hopping
once in a while.