Tears of Blood

There’s a scared little girl
stuck inside this woman
who’s mistakes and misconceptions
erupted like a volcano
b/c of her addiction to her sin.

It’s time that she let go of
that disastrous game she loves to play
and seize to live life right
like she should have done from the beginning.

Her heart cries bloody tears
rushing from her veins,
silently screaming out her pain
b/c her heart feels broken down and greedily torn.

Her weeping hollow soul
mourns her lost treasure,
She must accept
the consequences of her mistakes
And own up to her actions
and her selfish ways.

No matter how much
she cries and fears,
Her life is about to come
to a tragic end
And the lives of the ones she loves
will detonate like a home-made time bomb.

She cannot say too much
And has to say just the right words
To keep hope alive and her spirits well
For only God can save her now.

It’s true about the signs
she didn’t want to pay attention to
And it’s true about the voices
she pretended was not there to warn her.

She knows
she has already done enough damage.
And she knows
there’s a pack of wolves on her hot trail;
ready to wipe her slate clean.

This is her last chance to a good life
b/c deep down she knows her time is near.

Tainted Love

He wanted
an honest relationship

but he did not know
how to love her, himself
…or anyone for that matter

so he shoved
his misconceptions
down her throat
by the spoonful

forcing her to swallow
his tainted, narrow worldview
on how to love him

more (or less)