A girl with a plan
to succeed in life,
got dragged in the woods
by unwashed,
unforgettable hands.

Her legs ripped open;
into darkness
no amount of light
can ever touch again.

Left alone
…to live?
…to die?
for she will never
be the same again

clothes torn,
covered in dirt and shame,
etched in the ground
as if she was painted
in that very spot.

She cried and wept
curled up in a ball;
her heart-felt like
it was weighted down
by a wall.

Laying there
as if bewitched,
she will not forget
the day
her body got tarnished.

She will not sleep
another peaceful night.
Whenever she closes her eyes,
her nightmare is relived.

7 thoughts on “Tarnished

    1. I think I understand what you mean. This is just touching the surface of what she is feeling and the impact this will have on her life.


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