Life is Too Short

Life is too short
for us to bicker and bark
up every tree we climb.

Sometimes we never look back
at the little things
like love, happiness, joy
that keep things in tic-tac-toe.
We take for granted
those simple things
that can neither be bought or sold.

to recognize and appreciate
the blessings right before our
ungrateful, judgmental eyes
a tough lesson to learn

We are always
looking back,

“if only we could change back the hands of time”
we would.
To change
the things
we don’t like

and become
the perfection
we’d love to be.

13 thoughts on “Life is Too Short

  1. Reblogged this on thisoldtoadblog and commented:
    not i would go back in time
    in changing things i don’t like
    even back into my prime
    then i won’t be me
    i love who i have become
    i’m a conflicting interest
    too society

    Thanks for the follow…


  2. not sure I want to go back honey, i worked myself to this point and still learning. I think we need to learn how to welcome each day with gratitude. Fact is things will happen regardless of our input more often than not.


    1. Thank you. Life is precious and as people, we often spend way too much time worrying and looking at life in the wrong light. If only, we’d take just a moment each day to truly live and appreciate life, that would make a huge difference in our perception of “life”.

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