At My Wits End

I have done
all that I can do for you
and yet still
I do is ever enough;

you are never satisfied
no matter how much
I go out of my way
to try to please you,
you ungrateful leech.

I know I’m at my wit’s end…
when my anger gets the best of me.
When just the mention
of your name ticks me off.
When the sight, sound,
and smell of you burn my nose.

When I no longer have
the will to smile your way.
When the look in my eyes
is that of a dark, empty forest.

Everyday Pretense

Everyday we put up
the same outrageous pretense.
We want to fight for a chance
to make things better for our souls

but we don’t know how
to accept the change
that accompanies our demands
because we are never really satisfied

with our blessings;
always wanting more
than we can handle;
lacking the simple appreciation
for the things we already have.

Lonely are our souls,
but happy are the moments
we wish we could fly
and shed our empty spirits.

Grateful are the instances
when life goes our way
and we no longer seek opportunities
to complain about the ups and downs.

Bitter sweet are the days when we cry
and hug our loneliness,
for today we are comforted
knowing that if tomorrow comes,

what happened today
may be the salt of our tears
as long as things goes our merry way.