On Stage

As the melodies to the song
plays in the background,
deep in my thoughts,
I try to relay,
the message of the tunes.

I carefully sing the words,
to the song I choose,
with passion and grace
out to the weary audience.

But, inside I’m crying out deeply;
there’s a strong sense of loss;
secluded by the magnitude of
my past, present and future
failures and success, hurts, pains,
anger, frustration, disappointments…
blah, blah, blah!

On stage,
the glass image of myself
shattered and broke
away from the chains, foolishly guarded,
bundled and wrapped with joy and care.

And as I fell apart inside and out;
I could no longer hold onto
my sweltering face of melted goo.

Plop, plop, plop!
It fell onto the hardwood floor and pasted
the image I was always afraid to excavate.
Without knowing my life
had changed at that very tune;

in desperation, I was
only trying to piece back together
my life as it had been
in the past, present, and…now
…the way it was before
the song started to play.