The Demise of a Fatherless Son

Dear Selfish Father:

From your son was a little child,
he wanted to be just like you;
the man after his own heart
-his twin- he looks, laughs,
acts, talks, and walks just like you.

He always wanted to follow
in your careless footsteps,
chasing after the love of a stranger
he has never really known a day in his life.

And, though you’ve made
a 100 broken promises to him
every chance you had to make him smile
about helping, visiting, calling, etc.,
he always maintained hope
that you would come around
and finally assume your role
as a father and male figure
he could look up to
…but you never did.

(Maybe) if you were there,
he wouldn’t have suffered so.
The streets wouldn’t have been
his home away from home,
the place he used to cope
when he couldn’t figure out
why you didn’t want to be apart of his life.

(Maybe) if you had come around
once in a while to show your face,
he wouldn’t have dropped out of high school
and fathered a child of his own
who is as fatherless as he’s known.

(Maybe) if you had called to show you cared,
his choices would’ve been wiser
and his eyes would’ve been opened
to the depth of his destructive ways
and questionable actions.

(Maybe) if you loved him,
you would’ve spared him
from a lifetime of misery,
from his self-inflicting thoughts and wounds
from his random brushes with death
because of the bad company he keeps.

You abandoning him all his life
has hit him the hardest
of all lessons combined
that he has ever had to learn.
He doesn’t understand why
you are so incapable of loving
your own flesh and blood.